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Coffee Maker


"We want to show that Vietnamese coffee can be as good as other origins with distinctive tastes and flavors."

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Our Values

Benefiting from the experience of our team, we select Vietnam's highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans and roast them in small batches to perfection all the while supporting dedicated farmers in their efforts to engage in honest and respectable farming practices.

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Our Vision

It is our hope that one day, Vietnamese coffee bean will become a reference in terms of quality all over the world.  We are also hopeful that by extending our customer bases and therefore buying more green beans, we will motivate more farmers to engage in sustainable practices to contribute to a cleaner environment and an ecological equilibrium.


"The food and service is stellar! Do yourself a favour and try a phin coffee and a banh mi sandwich. It makes the perfect lunch! We will be back again and again. Thank you!!"

— Facebook Review

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