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Da Lat - Arabica var. Bourbon

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OMNI ROAST: Roasting Grade = 3
BEST USES: Espresso Machine | French Press | Perculator

This variety was first produced in Île de la Réunion, also known as Île Bourbon. Our 100% Arabica variety Bourbon showcases beautiful and delicate aromas like the fragrance of orange blossoms.


In the early 1700s, the French planted coffee on the island of Bourbon (now called La Reunion) in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Like Arabica Typica, in the early 20th century the first Bourbon seeds were planted next to the emerging city of Da Lat. Arabica Variety Bourbon is a rarity and today it has nearly completely disappeared from Vietnam. Thanks to a concentrated effort over 15 years between farmers, processors and ourselves, there are now a select few farms still cultivating this specialty coffee around Da Lat City. Bourbon produces 20 – 30% more fruit than Typica but is unfortunately more susceptible to all major coffee diseases and pests. The high prices this coffee demand is compensation for the difficult farming methods and low yields it produces compared with today’s common Arabica varieties which lack Arabica Var. Bourbon’s distinctive flavours.


This extraordinary specialty coffee is roasted with love by our Master Roaster who wonderfully showcases its beautiful and delicate aromas. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to enjoy the richness of complex flavours combined with the subtle fragrance of orange flowers. A nicely balanced acidity supported by a soft body - a real gem! This coffee is grown exclusively for Alambe and is carefully hand roasted by our experts in 20 kg batches.


The city of Da Lat, the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of Lam Dong Province, is also called the “City of Love” and is famous for its yearly flower festival. Situated on a plateau 1500m above sea level with multiple natural springs and a mild climate, Da Lat rapidly became popular as a cool retreat from the sweltering heat of the coastal plains.

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