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Da Sar - Arabica var. Typica

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OMNI ROAST: Roasting Grade = 3
BEST USES: Epresso Machine | French Press | Perculator

Our Arabica variety Typica beans are grown in the village of Da Sar in the province of Lam Dong. A direct trade specialty coffee with a unique mellow cup indicating a hint of citrus.


In 1857, the French introduced coffee into Vietnam and by the early 20th century the first Typica seeds were grown next to the emerging city of Da Lat. Because this variety is both low yielding and highly susceptible to major coffee diseases, it has gradually been replaced by the higher yielding variety Catimor. Today, in Vietnam, Arabica Typica can only be found in a few isolated spots surrounding Da Lat. One of these places is the village of Da Sar. Harvested at the right time and correctly processed, this coffee develops delicate citrus flower aromas.


Coffee connaisseurs love the unique palate of this sweet and mellow cup with a balanced body imbued with a subtle acidity and a hint of citrus. We would like to invite you to savour this truly unique coffee experience, hand roasted to perfection in small batches of 20kgs. A Direct Trade specialty coffee.


Located on the slopes of Lang Biang Mountain, about 20km outside of Da Lat City, the community of Da Sar depends greatly on the cultivation of Arabica coffee including specialty Arabica typica. This village has become a beloved spot for photographers who, at the break of dawn, come to capture the fog blanketed valley in all its beauty. At around 5 am, when the sun begins to rise, visitors have a chance to admire the striking view as the sky gradually turns red and thick fog forms resembling a white cotton coat. As the first rays of sunlight glow down on the valley, villagers and visitors gather to enjoy the fresh morning atmosphere, taking in the scene of coffee plantations that stretch over to the horizon

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