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Lam Dong - Italian Style Espresso

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Product Details
ESPRESSO ROAST: Roasting Grade = 4
BEST USES: Espresso Machine | Mocha Pot | French Press

Italian Espresso style roast made from Lam Dong coffee beans. High quality Arabica beans lend this great Espresso blend acidity, while the richness of our Robusta beans provide the rich underlying body.


Lam Dong's unique attributes are created from a combination of topographical, hydrographic and climatic factors. Together with its forests and regional flora and fauna, Lam Dong offers distinctive scenery with many picturesque lakes, waterfalls, hills and pine forests. With our Espresso Blend we tried to capture this breathtaking nature in a balanced cup of coffee. An Italian coffee experience from one of the most famous coffee regions of Vietnam.


It took many trips to Lam Dong Province and many trials to find the perfect combination of beans and roast. Today we are very proud to present you with this masterfully crafted blend for an Italian style Espresso cup packed with flavour. High-quality Arabica beans lend this great Espresso blend acidity while Robusta beans provide the rich underlying body. Its aromas are the epitome of dignified coffee: a complex balance between leathery, smokey, and bittersweet chocolate tastes.


Situated in the southern part of the Central Highlands, Lam Dong province covers almost 10,000km² and is spread out over three plateaux. It provides ideal natural conditions for agricultural production such as coffee, tea, mulberries, vegetables and flowers. Lam Dong's climate is temperate and mild all year-round with rarely any notable changes during the annual cycle. The temperature varies distinctly between different areas and the higher you go the colder it gets.

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